Thanks to all donors like you. Disadvantaged families get resources they need to send their children to school. Efforts are being made to combat the spread of HIV/ AIDS and resources are mobilized for the cause and care of our elders to improve their quality of life. Here is a chance to make a small contribution to bring a SMILE on many faces. Please  Contribute/Donate/Sponsor.


If you look around today, you see in India , which, in a rush to become developed is destroying the very natural resource base on which development hinges . Talk of an environmental problem, and have it. Our land is degraded . Deforestation has claimed our jungles and forests once farmed for their abundant wildlife are now depleting. Our ground is polluted and overspoiled. Almost all are rivers have become dirty drains. Our cities and towns are choking with polluted air. Pesticides invade our food and our bodies.


RNK EDUCATIONAL Society today has a large a large action programme now to serve and mobilise Indian society. But for this work to continue, the institution must be strong, both internally and externally. We need the support of friends like you who believes that what we are doing is important. Friends like you who can give us their encouragement, time and money to spread our message.